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Rank for Competitor Brand Identity Keywords

During a recent #SEOchat, Mordy Oberstein posed the question, “Do you feel Google gives you enough opportunity on the SERP to thrive or at least survive?” I replied:     Mordy pointed-out that I get no quarter in trying to rank for a competitor’s brand identity keywords.     The next day, I got a […]

Method to Measure the ROI of Content

In a recent #SEMrushchat, it was asked, how would you measure the ROI of content marketing? Here’s one method of measuring content ROI as taught to me by Dan Shure. I have used this to show proof of content strategy when speaking with clients. Miniature Case Study I worked with a gentleman with a small […]

Optimizing Dated Blog Content

Perhaps you started a blog years ago and now realize the need for search engine optimization and content strategy. Similarly, marketing peers may come across a client with an existing blog that is not well structured with categories and filled with posts that are not keyword focused. Content can age well but not if it […]

SEO Free Public Library

Last Update: 4-7-21 A/B Testing 71* Things to (A/B) Test How to Do A/B Testing Audit SEO Audit Report & Schedule Templates: Make Actionable Recommendations E-Commerce Made Easy – How To Build, Manage & Market Your Website How to do a Mobile SEO Audit – The Step by Step Guide. Annie Cushing’s Must-Have Tools – […]

Targeting Informational Search Intent

In 2016, a client had the need to increase more traffic to their blog. The following post is a window of insight into the process of what I think is targeting informational search intent: – Coming up with an article topic, considering the sales funnel and  keyword research – Analyzing opportunity in the search results […]