5 Ways to Use Google Search Console for Increasing Traffic

Many options exist related to content software, tools, and extensions. Google Search Console can be easily overlooked as an asset for content strategy. Here, I demonstrate five ways to use GSC for increasing website traffic.

Special thanks to Dan Shure of Evolving SEO who was nice enough to lend me access to his site’s Google Search Console.

Capitalize on High-Click Pages

Dan’s post on homepage meta description examples is the site’s golden goose of clicks (within the last 28 days at least).

dan post clicks


I suggest Dan devote another post on meta descriptions or update the existing one. He could include information from a podcast he’s done between then and now.


Dana DiTomaso talks about meta descriptions in episode 80 of Experts on the Wire.

Also, Dan could consider using a widget from his homepage that showcases popular posts. I’d place a widget someplace about here to draw added attention to Dan’s blog/podcast content.


Optimize Pages for Best CTR

Dan’s taught me all I know about keyword research and search intent. I’m not going to doubt his methods in formulating the title and optimizing a page for a keyword or phrase.

However, it’s years after 2017, when he initially published the meta description post. It could be advantageous to consider the page’s CTR performance in relation to keyword variations.

Let’s assume Dan initially targeted the phrase, “meta description examples.”


While the page gets a lot of impressions for “meta descriptions example” and the plural, it gets the most clicks when the modifier “homepage” is present.


Considering several elements (keyword volume, SERs, etc), I may suggest that Dan revise the page’s meta title and wait for it…meta description. Both can better represent that the information on the page is hyper-focused on homepage meta descriptions.

Martin Splitt points this out in his content conversation with Lily Ray.

Take Note of Brand Term Impressions

Dan’s full name, Dan Shure, is an extension of his professional brand, Evolving SEO. As one interested in public relations, I’m curious to take a look at dates with high impressions (not necessarily clicks) regarding Dan’s brand terms.

Why not clicks? Because I’m more curious about why a date spawned curiosity in Dan’s brand via people typing in his name. People may have clicked-through to an interview of Dan on another person’s site or clicked on his Moz profile, so I’m not solely interested in clicks (through to the Evolving site).

Performance (1)

What piques my interest the most is what piqued the interest of others on certain dates. Was Dan interviewed in a podcast? Did an influencer give him a compliment or share on Twitter? Did he survey a new keyword research tool and is featured on a newly launched homepage? These are things I would take note of for future PR opportunities.

Create Content for Other Countries

The Evolving site’s content is popular in America and the UK, but what I find interesting is that Australia and the Philippines delivers a great percentage of CTR regarding rate of clicks to impressions.

Performance (2)


If I were suggesting Dan look for more podcast guests, I’d tell him to search for SEOs who reside in Australia

australian seo podcasts Google Search

or SEOs in the Philippines.



Alternatively, Dan may want to consider offering his website in multiple languages

tad chef

or utilize a plug-in.

Add Plugins ‹ Content Muse — WordPress

Discover Interlinking Opportunity

Here is Evolving’s interlinking situation in Google Search Console.


A lot of his low internal link pages are previous podcasts. Better interlinking can be achieved by providing links to related content or other podcasts at the end of show descriptions.


Putting a widget or simply linking to other podcast episodes would greatly improve interlinking.

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